Looking to bag a mountaineering ascent in the Andes? See you on our Aconcagua expedition! Looking for something a little more, um, mellow? (Read: I haven’t been on a sea-kayak in 20 years.) No worries— The lakes district is the perfect place for you. Looking for something in between, choose to skin up a volcano and ski it down in a day, profiting from a relaxing evening with the comfort of a fine lodge.

At Magellanica®, one of the most common questions we get asked is, “How fit do I have to be?” The answer’s simple: you do not have to be an athlete in any way, shape or form. We have something for everyone. From the fitness freak to the couch potato. (You do have to get off the couch, though!)

At Magellanica®, we classify our trips according to how far you might want to go each day and how challenging the terrain is while hiking, paddling, skiing, riding and climbing. This helps people choose the trip that’s right for them. That said, whatever trip you choose, you can ALWAYS move at your own pace. What if you run short of energy part way through the day? Your Magellanica® guide will try to accommodate you without hurting the group’s pace.


The Terrain: a day on country lanes, footpaths and coastal or forest trails, all on relatively flat terrain, perhaps with an occasional hill.

Flat water at protected waterways and/or 20° snow slopes while skiing, just carrying a day-pack.

The Traveller: “I can’t say I really work out, but I do walk a couple of times a week at home.”

The Terrain: a day over rolling terrain on a variety of surfaces (grass, sand, scree/boulders, snow, ice).

Most days, one or two steeper climbs to spectacular viewpoints or places of interest— enough that you can dine later like royalty with a clear conscience. 1 to 3 ft waves/or 30° snow slopes, most of the time with a solid day-pack.

The Traveller: “I go on a good walk once a week, and I don’t mind a little sweat as long as it’s duly rewarded!”

The Terrain: 11-15 km (7-10 mi.) a day over fairly hilly terrain offering lots of challenges (boulder fields, snow/ice fields.

Routes are along high meadow paths and/or well-maintained cliffside or alpine trails, with a few steep ascents to make you feel invigorated. 6+ ft waves on sea or lakes and up to 40° snow slopes carrying a 34lbs pack approximately.

The Traveller: “I hike quite regularly, and I want to have a good workout each day. I don’t want to miss the historical and cultural stuff, but I also don’t need to be at the spa by 4:00.”
With the Kids

Our Magellanica® Family Holidays are easygoing, naturally, but there are always options for parents and older kids to dial it up if they want to go off on their own. Our guides are always adept at modifying activity levels to suit your family’s needs.
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